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Telenor logo PNG transparent background download is what you need if you want to design a decent graphic with the company’s logo. Telenor started offering their services in 1855 but they got famous when they launched their mobile network services in different parts of the world. Telenor offers their services through many different names but officially they are famous for the Telenor brand.

Telenor logo PNG transparent background download serves a crucial role in any related graphic design. The first logo design for Telenor was launched in 1995, which was quite different to their current logo design. It had the image of a person with a light icon. This logo was used until 2001. The second logo was launched in 2001, which was similar to the first logo design except for the font and graphic, which were slightly changed, but the color scheme remained the same.

The current logo design of Telenor was launched in 2006 when the company officially launched their mobile network services in different parts of the world. This logo design has a new visual profile and color scheme and has been designed by a graphic designer from London.

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I am sharing the official Telenor logo PNG transparent background download, as well as the vector version. This is a great logo design to get inspiration for new graphic designers when they are creating a logo for their customer. It is not necessary that this logo design fits with the mobile-related business but it could be used as inspiration for technology-related businesses.


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