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The logo is your brand’s means of making a first impression, that’s why it must be creatively designed. A logo that is distinct and helps your brand stand out can be a powerful asset to the company. However, creating a fantastic visual representation of your brand requires time and effort. According to a 2017 research conducted in the US, the country has 116 shopping malls, and that number is growing by the day. The total sales in these markets are about $900 billion annually.  That’s why a shopping mall’s logo design should be unique and inspiring so that it can have a positive impact on the customer.

A unique logo not only attracts the attention of customers, but also defines the industry in the best way. The retail industry is growing everyday because of the emergence of innovative products, creating a robust market. The first step to capture that market is the establishment of a proper brand identity. Here in this article, we will describe the top-class characteristics that are present in the shopping mall logo design. These characteristics will help the industry to provide benefits to both customers and business.

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Importance of shopping mall logo

A memorable and attractive logo is essential in starting a new business. We can say that for any business to be profitable, a good logo design is a prerequisite. The logo is important for the following reasons:

  • Good logo provides a great first impression
  • Designed to contain a professional strategy and concept
  • Can be cascaded to various changes and formats
  • Helps in achieving a good return on investment
  • Embodies the business’s identity
  • Captures customers’ attention

Basics of logo design in the shopping mall industry

Logo design requires effort and expertise in order to be creative and unique. Creating one requires the full focus and attention of the graphic designer. The logo design for the shopping mall industry should be sensational and captivating. The competition among shopping mall is growing fiercer by the day, which is why a mall should have a design unique to it.  Some of the factors that should be considered in creating the perfect logo for a shopping mall are:

  • A logo for shopping mall should be distinctive and should be visually unique
  • The logo should have versatile features and easily readable
  • When applied on any surface it should clearly describe the company
  • It should be useful in the long term, with good implementation of colors, imagery, and fonts
  • It should identify the shopping mall industry as well as its related products

Some basics associated with a typical shopping mall logo are given below:

Logo Size:

The size of the logo matters, especially for purposes of legibility and visual aesthetics. The logo design for a shopping mall should take up a small space while effectively conveying what the industry is about. For any company, it should be necessary to hire the best logo designer that can create a unique logo.

Fonts used for shopping mall logo:

For the perfect shopping mall logo, it is necessary to choose the appropriate fonts. The logo design for a shopping mall should be unique and made with the proper fonts. Some of the most popular fonts used by many designers in the world are Sabo, Trajan, Zorus serif and Bobber, etc. These fonts’ sizes enable the designer to include all the necessary information about the shopping mall. Font size should be medium or according to the size of the logo for your company.

Logo impression:

A good logo design can leave an impression on your potential customers. For the shopping mall industry,  the logo’s impact can be greater if the designer uses proper color combination and fonts.

Color combination:

One of the main characteristics that should be in a logo’s design is the proper combination of colors. The best colors used for such a design typically include black, red and green as they are attractive and give the logo a unique look. The background used for shopping mall logo should depend on the fonts utilized.

Best shopping mall logo inspiration:

To give you inspiration and ideas related to the shopping mall industry, we are sharing with you the best collection of shopping mall logo designs. This collection is so chosen based on certain factors, such as the uniqueness of the logo design, use of font and graphics, etc.




To summarize, any company should know its target market. To capture the attention of customers, a shopping mall must focus on developing a unique logo for the company, which can be done by a competent and professional logo designer.



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