Infographic for the Best Logo Design Trends in 2019


logo design infographic 2019 trends


2019 Logo Design Trends Infographic

A logo is a small design or symbol adopted by an organization or website that helps its target audience recognize its product or services easily. Logo design involves the process of creating an attractive and unique logo for brands to stand out from the rest of their competition, and logo design trends refer to the collective styles both huge corporations and small businesses have incorporated in their brands and which have made the most impact now and in the future. These are the most vibrant and dynamic elements of the digital world. These designs reveal not only the need to capture the attention of a target audience, but also the requirement for the tools used in making these graphics. Ultimately, logo designs should be unique and be able to define the brand name in a distinct way.

Characteristics of Logo Design:

The following are just some attributes of a clever logo design:

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  • Straightforward and easily recognizable by the target audience
  • Memorable and impactful preferably on a long-term basis
  • Aesthetically pleasing on web devices as well as on any print material
  • Appropriate and coherent with the brand’s objectives
  • Uniquely showcases the identification for the brand
  • Original enough to stand out from the rest of its competition

This article will help you to use one of the best logo design trend infographics in 2019.


1# Simple Shapes

Simple shapes are the top best logo design trend for 2019. By definition, these are easy to remember and recognize, yet are appealing enough to catch the attention of the audience. By using simple shapes, designers create a clean form with beautiful colors and eliminate the unnecessary elements for an overall uncomplicated design. Simple shapes are the best example of how to showcase a brand message by using a minimalist design. It is a timeless approach to design that allows designers to demonstrate their originality by coming up with simple shapes that say a lot about a brand.

There are many unique shapes, but basic forms that are effective in logo design are circles, triangles, and squares. These shapes are simple but can evoke a specific sentiment from their target audience. Nowadays, many websites and brands follow this trend as it is easy to compile, and hopefully it remains at the top for 2019.

2# Letter Merging

One of the best trends for designing logo is letter merging, particularly for brands that have rather lengthy phrases and names. With letter merging, words or letters are placed in a sequential column, and it is then adjusted to the left side or spread out strategically. By balancing both fonts and colors used, the stacked texts appear visually pleasing to the target audience. If letter merging is well executed, it will give a fresh and exciting look for the brand image. And in the world of logo designing, this technique remains in style.

Letters are not usually fundamental in creating a logo for a brand or website. However, these can the play a vital role when used correctly in logo designing. When letters are merged in a logo design, it creates a different dimension to the entire look and allows for stronger retention among the target audience. This is why the first thing you consider in letter merging is selecting the suitable font style for merging.

3# Minimalistic

Minimalistic is the style that uses only the essential elements for a maximum impact in logo design. In this design trend, designers greatly take into consideration the space, forms, and colors to make a straightforward design and achieve a lasting impression. It is considered the most powerful technique used in the modern era of web design. By using minimalistic design trend, brands have multiple practical advantages such as their websites having the best compatibility between different screen sizes of various devices that their users could be using, and a shorter loading time for the sites’ pages. One of the best examples of minimalism is Google search. Google focuses on the most essential features that their visitors need and avoids all the rest of the unnecessary features so that their audience can conveniently access the information that they need.

With this minimalistic strategy, it is necessary to simplify the interface by eliminating the content or features that do not benefit the user. Web designers must remember not to make the users’ task more difficult by hiding or removing content that they need. Other brands that are popular all around the world that focus on making minimalistic logo designs include Adidas, IKEA and Instagram.

 4# Typography Only

In today’s design world, many websites now use high-quality fonts that had previously been only available to a select few brands. For instance, Google Fonts allow designers to easily access these archive of fonts for free. Typography is also the best logo trend to capture the brand’s mood and to reach out to a more targeted audience.

For 2019, it is considered one of the best upcoming graphic trends, even though it is the opposite of the traditional minimalistic trend. With typography being a loud style, the primary objective is to stop the customers or readers in their tracks to get them to notice the brand logo and get them interested to read and take a closer look at the brand. This type of logo trend actually gives companies or brands a quick way to capture the attention of their target customers. In typography, we can easily add the use of the different fonts in the design, which are mostly readily available online. This trend usually incorporates nostalgia to create the impact. It consists of the art of drawing the letters which also makes it a versatile method.

5# Brush Stroke

If you are looking for a more artistic and casual logo design trend, then the best option is brush stroke. It is popular among specific brands that want to have as farthest reach as possible in terms of their target audience. Particularly for brands that cater to women, the brush stroke is a great design style to appeal to women’s general aesthetic. Brush strokes provide optimum creativity in the logo and make the design striking. A good example of incorporating brush strokes skillfully are with digital paintings.

Brush strokes could be a definitive mark of a logo in terms of capturing the brand’s essence. This is why designers usually use different styles for designing logos depending on the current brush stroke trends. Different designers from all over the world use brush strokes to efficiently represent the brand’s core.





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