Indian Premier League – IPL 2018 – All Teams Logos PNG Transparent Background Download


Indian Premier League – IPL 2018 – all teams logos PNG transparent background download serves as a great one-stop resource, and you’ll find them all here. Cricket isn’t the national sport of India but the majority of Indians love this sport more than any other. While the country arranges so many different leagues, but there is no more famous than Indian Premier League or IPL.

The IPL 2018 has already begun and one thing that made an impression are the logo designs of the different cricket teams and the official event. There are a total of 8 teams playing in IPL 2018. Each of these teams has an eye-catching logo design.

Indian Premier League – IPL 2018 – all teams logos PNG transparent background download is highly useful if you want to implement an eye-catching logo design by the IPL 2018 cricket team. This collection is necessary because these “IPL logos 2018” have been used for marketing purposes on a daily basis. While these are just cricket teams, branding is still important for them, like any business who sell products and services.

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Each and every team of IPL 2018 represents one specific state of India. Adding the flavor of Indian culture and people who represent the team is important for every logo designer. If you take a look at these logo designs which we have shared below, you will see how the designers have fulfilled the requirement to represent both, the flavor of cricket and the culture of the specific province.


These IPL 2018 logo designs are great for creating graphics for logo designers to get inspiration or even get some ideas on how to combine both the sport and the culture with color schemes and amazing graphics.

We have shared the complete collection of IPL 2018 logo designs in both PNG and vector formats. You can download them and edit them for further learning. You cannot use these logo designs for commercial use without the permission of the original owners.

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Best IPL 2018 Logo Design

Chennai Super Kings Logo

Delhi Daredevils Logo

Punjab Kings Logo

Knight Riders Logo

Indians Mumbai Logo

Rajasthan Royals Logo

Royal Challengers Bangalore Logo

Sun Risers Hyderabad Logo



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