“DIY Logo Designs” is created to provide free resources to public to get inspiration & ideas to design their logo designs, business cards and other stationary related items. We have collected images through different sources. All the copyright images are the property or original owners not this website (diylogodesigns.com). The images we have collected through internet where these images are freely available to re-public or re-use on internet. Our website does not use any of these images for commercial and private purpose.

Majority of images on this website (diylogodesigns.com) belongs to original owner and free to use except those images which required you to take permission from the original owners. We are not responsible if anyone has used these images for private or commercial purposes.

Sources of images:

We have tried to provide sources of each image under the image but it is not possible to found original source or designer name of all images/ Logos. In case if you want us to add source of your image and it is your property then you can email us with link. We will edit the correct source and update the post.

Privacy right:

We are only using only those images/Logos which are freely available on internet for re-use. We have not used any private image of person, building, documents, and legal. In case if you found your private photo/logo on our website, you can contact us and request for the removal. We will remove your private images/logo immediately. But you need to confirm us that it is really belongs to you in your email request.

Our website does not breach or violate copyright policy of any person or business. In case if our website (diylogodesigns.com) violates your copyright policy, please contact with us for removal, correction or adding source. We will make it correct or remove your image within 3 business days.

Change in privacy policy:

We have right to change the image privacy policy of our website anytime. To get updated with our new image/logos usage policy, you can contact us or visit the same page in future. We will inform you about new images policy within 3 business days.

Contact us:

If you have any question related to image privacy policy our website (diylogodesigns.com) feels free to contact.

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