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Yahoo logo PNG transparent background is a convenient tool you can use to tweak around this particular logo. Yahoo is among those companies that everyone knows, especially if you’re connected to the internet. It is known as the first web-based company made popular by many of its free services, such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, and Geocities. Many companies later copied Yahoo’s concept, including its search engine, although its chat rooms and email groups were the most popular at the start of the 21st century when the internet reached  all corners of the world.

Yahoo logo PNG transparent background is freely downloadable, if you must know. Yahoo is one of those companies whose logo designs have changed almost every year. Luckily, I have seen all of them because I am one of its loyal customers who have been using their email services since 1999.

Usually, when a company changes its logo design, they do not change its color scheme because people already know about it and it takes time for people to accept the new color schemes. But Yahoo is among those companies that happily accept to take on challenges. With the change in logo design, Yahoo also came up with the new theme for their website.

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Yahoo was founded in 1994, with a simple logo. After its search engine became popular, Yahoo realized the importance of its logo design and came up with two new logo designs in 1995. However, this was short-lived. In 1996, Yahoo released another simple yet impactful logo, the Yahoo! This, which stayed in the market until 2002, while in 2000 to 2009 and 2013, the company changed its color scheme several times while introducing its icon, which contained only the letter “Y.”


Many people don’t know it, but Yahoo launched 30 new logo designs in August 2013. I remember how the website showed a different logo each day for one whole month. Yahoo did this experiment before they launched their final logo in September 2013. In the following, you can see the current “Yahoo logo design in PNG with transparent background.”

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