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Xbox logo PNG transparent background download is a much-sought-after resource among designers working in the video game industry. The video games invention is not very old. No, I am not talking about the static games which we used to play in the 80s and 90s; I am talking about the latest gaming technology which has 3D and advanced artificial intelligence. The Xbox is definitely one of the gaming systems that have changed the concept of video games by introducing extremely advanced technology in their games and other gaming-related products. Like any other new type of product, the Xbox needed to struggle to carve their position in the market. They took all the initial steps to get in the eye of the public, which included marketing and branding which would not be complete without an attractive logo design.

Xbox logo PNG transparent background download is crucial in these efforts. The first Xbox logo design was designed in 2001 when the Xbox was officially launched all around the world. The logo design was simple with attractive illustration of “X” and really cool effect was added to the X later. The second Xbox logo design was launched in 2005 when the Xbox upgraded their gaming console. This time, the Xbox came up with a better logo, adding the ball in the background of the X and a new typeface. In 2010, the company redesigned the Xbox logo design by changing the circle effects.

The latest Xbox logo design was introduced in 2013 in which they enhanced the color of the whole logo by introducing a dark green color. You can download the Xbox logo design in PNG and vector formats below with transparent background.

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