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Volvo logo PNG transparent background download is a must-have for artists working on a similar project. Volvo cars are among the most reliable vehicles in the market. The Volvo group is famous for their cars but they are also engaged in many other businesses and also makes buses. To separate each line of their business from each other, the Volvo group came up with different logo designs for each business.

Volvo logo PNG transparent background download is an important tool if you’re looking for inspiration. In 1927, when Volvo launched their new car, they came up with the first “Volvo logo design” for the company and cars. If you look at their first logo design, you won’t believe that it is a car-based logo design because it looks like more like a print media logo design. It has also very bold but attractive font in their logo design along with a purple color. The company re-launched their new logo design in 1930 featuring a totally different design. They changed the colors in their Volvo logo design along with the font. It was much professional and creative than the first logo design.

In 1959, the third Volvo logo design was released, which was simpler than the previous ones. As compared to those of rival companies, this logo design looked sufficiently professional. It was more a border-based logo design featuring an enhanced typeface.

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In 1997 and 2014, the company once again came up with new logo designs. These two logo designs are still in the market because they are part of many of their cars. As compared to previous logo designs, the company have added new colors in these new logos. You can download the present Volvo logo design with transparent background below:

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