Toyota Logo PNG Transparent Background


Toyota logo PNG transparent background is essential for any graphic designer. Branding and marketing are among the most important aspects of any business’ success. That’s why companies spend significantly on the branding and marketing of their products, services and overall business. In marketing and branding, logo design plays a major role in making the company known among its market. Can you remember companies more by their names than by their logo designs? A creative and unique logo design always leaves an image in the customer’s mind.

Toyota logo PNG transparent background can be easily downloaded here, no questions asked. The world is full with unique and professional logo designs. One of them is “Toyota logo design.” Many people don’t know but Toyota was launched as “Toyoda” in 1935, only becoming “Toyota” in 1958. According to the company’s policy, the company changed the name because it sounded better than Toyoda. You won’t find the original logo design of Toyota any more on any of its vehicles after the change of name, except on some very antique cars which are now only found in museums.

If we look at the history of Toyota logo design, we will find that it has been changed over the years, specifically during times of great importance, or during the introduction of new technology. The present Toyota logo design with three ellipses was first introduced in 1989 during the company’s 50th year and now all the new cars of Toyota bear the same logo. Many people don’t know but these three ellipses represent the three hearts, which include the heart of the product, customer, and technological progress.

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