Top Perfume Brands Logos 2019 for Inspiration

No one can diminish the importance of logos in any business or institution. It plays a vital role in the marketing and promotion of the services and critical functions a company is opting to perform. If we talk about the perfume brands, then there is a lot of competition among different companies. According to a report, the perfume industry is expected to clear $45 billion marks in 2018. It shows the volume and quality of business that is present in this industry. However, the significance of logos in perfume designing is pretty higher, and it affects the purchasing power of a customer. The reason is that most of the people like to purchase a product that has a better outlook and well-designed logo.

The market is overgrowing due to innovative products in the perfume industry. Thus, the trend has been shifted toward expensive perfumes, and people spend a lot of money to but the desired aroma. The youth-oriented fragrances have been breaking records of their conversion rate. Moreover, it is observed that most of the brands that have brilliant logo have more penetration in the market. Therefore, this article covers the best perfume brand logos that are controlling this perfume business. Let’s have a look at the details of such brands.

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Logo Designing Basics in the Perfume Industry

The designing of the logo in each industry requires different skills and expertise of a designer. The mentality and creativity of this type of designers are way more than a normal designer. The reason is that this organization has pretty unique names and the names must be present in the logo in order to make it visible in the packed bottle. There are several factors that need to be exploited to improve the result and efficiency of the logo. Here are some tips and tricks that are suggested to both the designer and organization.

Color Amalgamation

Keeping in mind the type and age range of perfume buyers, the company should design a colorful and attractive design of bottle and overall package. The color of the bottle inside the box and the exterior of the packaging box and printed logo should follow the similar color coding. Thus, the internal and external color pattern of the box should be according to the designed logo.

Logo Impression

The first impression is the last impression; most of us have read this quotation several times. Every businessman should understand it because it works as a golden rule in the sale of a product. First of all, the exterior look and expression of the product must be premium so that it impresses the potential customer in the first instance. These type of impressions on consumers impacts the decision-making powers, and they can decide easily to make the purchase. Hence, it is recommended that the logo and exterior look must be designed in a way that it attracts a maximum number of consumers.

Size of Logo

No doubt, the size of logo matters in every industry working in an environment. However, it creates more difficulties when the size of the logo is very small. The problem is that there is a very small portion present on the box to print the logo. Contrary, the designer will have a lower number of pixels that means it won’t carry enough details. Therefore, the designer will be limited to designing the logo. Furthermore, it is highly recommended for an organization to hire a specialist designer who only produces smaller logos so that they can easily embed the required information in it.

Popular trend used in perfume brand logo design:

Now a day many logo designers used minimalistic and typography for making logos for perfume industry. Proper use of colors and typeface helps the designer to create the friendly environment that associates with the perfume, floras gift and shape. Appropriate logo fonts and colors should be used for logo design as it helps to express the identity of the perfume industry.

Best Perfume Brand Logos 2019

No doubt, it is a difficult task to design an attractive and eye-catching logo for a company. Companies spend thousands of dollars to have a logo that can attract customers. For example, the logo that Apple products have is one of the best logos designed ever, and it is one of the reasons behind their quick and successful penetration in the market. Hence, here is the list of some of the best logos that are designed in the perfume industry. The quality of the product is also good apart from their logo.

Top Perfume Logos and Names 2019


In the end, the company must have in the knowledge that most of their potential customer’s ages between 15-30 years of age. Therefore, it will help them in designing the logo and name of the product; although, the women perfume companies are way ahead of the male perfume companies in this industry. However, the logo and name of that product are vital for its sales and successful infiltration in the market.


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