Saudi Vision 2030 Logo PNG Transparent Background


Saudi Vision 2030 logo PNG transparent background is useful for those working on a similar project. Saudi Arabia is known as an oil haven. Their whole economy is based on it. Without oil, the country would have no other way to survive. It is true that there is so much oil in Saudi Arabia and they can rely on it for many more years but one day it will run out. To overcome potential problems in the future, the Saudi Arabian government came up with a new vision called “Saudi Vision 2030”. According to this vision, they have to remove the country’s dependency on oil. Saudi Arabia is also rich in other natural resources,  and now they are going to focus on them and make their country stable before 2030.

Saudi Vision 2030 logo PNG transparent background shows the gist of this project. This was the introduction of Saudi Vision 2030 for those who don’t know about it. But our main discussion is the logo design of Saudi Vision 2030. By designing and officially launching the Saudi Vision logo design, the government has proved the importance of having a logo design for branding and marketing of something, even if it is just a vision.

The “Saudi Vision 2030 logo design” is simple, creative and unique. There is more text than the illustration and this needs to be incorporated so that people can easily understand the reason behind this vision. The big illustration of a star and the official Saudi sign within the star further establish its association with the Saudi government.

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The Saudi vision 2030 logo design is available in both English and Arabic languages because Saudi Arabia has links to many English-speaking countries because of their oil business. You can “download Saudi vision logo design” below in high resolution. This logo design is a great inspiration for those who are looking for Arabic and English mix logo design.

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