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Pizza Hut logo PNG transparent background download is convenient to access. Pizza Hut does not require any introduction. It is among those global brands which are popular almost in all countries due to the taste of its products and its marketing activities on electronic media, print media and now on social media as well. Do you even know how old Pizza Hut is and how its first basic logo design looks like?

Pizza Hut logo PNG transparent background download is a great addition to any designer’s collection. Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 in USA when the first “Pizza Hut logo design” was also launched. If you look at the first Pizza Hut logo design, then I am sure that you won’t recognize it because it was wholly different from today’s logo design. In 1958, when Pizza Hut started selling their pizzas they designed a logo with former mascot Pete who was wearing the hat and also holding the name of the brand in both hands. At that time, their logo design for a food business was enough.

In 1968, Pizza Hut introduced its second logo design in which they came up with the concept of the famous Pizza Hut red roof illustration. This illustration of red roof is still part of the company now. In this logo design, the font of the logo was also changed but the company did focus on their basic logo design color scheme. This logo stayed in the market for many years. It was 1999 when Pizza Hut expanded its business in other countries, necessitating the re-branding of their logo design so it could be suitable in all cultures all around the world. In 1999, the Pizza Hut logo design was once again redesigned, which became the trade mark of the company because it was more famous than others. This logo design is also the basic design that is still in use.

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Pizza Hut logo design was updated in 2010 but nothing much was changed except the addition of new effects to the red roof, while in 2014, the company came up with the whole new logo design in which they introduced the pizza illustration as well. This is the current logo design of Pizza Hut and you can download it free with transparent background below.

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Pizza Hut New Logo PNG Transparent


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