New Uber Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

New Uber Logo Design 2018 Transparent

Uber logo PNG transparent background download may no longer be relevant in certain countries where Uber has ceased to exist, but looking at it objectively, the current logo design of Uber is very simple. They are not using any graphic or symbol in their logo design but only a font, but their logo design was not as simple as when they first introduced the brand. The first logo design of Uber was designed in 2009 when their cars and services were available in limited cities in the US. With the passage of time, they have introduced a new logo design to make it the same all around the world.

Uber logo PNG transparent background download is important for people to appreciate the simplicity of this logo. The first logo design in 2009 contained two colors, red and black, and also featured a big U shape which they have used as the symbol. The company introduced an icon-based logo design in 2011 when they launched the mobile application for their company. In this logo design, they changed the font and also the icon of the logo design. The big U was still there except they have made it more professional and up to the mark according to market requirements.

Their present logo design has been redesigned in 2016 when they launched their services in many countries. In this logo design, they have removed the symbol, graphic and icon and kept it simple by using a bold font. In the same year, they redesigned the icon for their mobile applications with a little twist. Instead of using U in their mobile application icon, they used different graphics to represent the road.

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There have been many new startups being launched worldwide. They can use the Uber logo design as inspiration when they design the logo for their new company.


In the following you can download the original logo design of Uber with transparent background in PNG and vector files.

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New Uber Logo Design 2018 Transparent



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