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NBA logo PNG transparent background download can be an exciting addition to a graphic designer’s resources. Do you know there was no NBA logo design in the first NBA game in Canada? Yes, the NBA only became popular after its first game. After the publicity and popularity of the first game, the NBA organization realized the need for having its own NBA logo so that people can recognize their organization and to be used for other purposes, which include printing, marketing and branding.

NBA logo PNG transparent background download is therefore provided on this page for everyone. In 1950, the first NBA logo design was designed, which was very simple but professional enough to tell the world what it’s related to. It was a giant ball illustration in which the name of the organization was written in full form instead of NBA only. While this was a very simple logo design, specially if you compare it to other sports logos of the time, it was good enough to deliver the message.

The second NBA logo design was launched in 1969, which had three colors, including white, blue and red. This logo design had the silhouette of former NBA player Jerry West who played for Los Angeles Lakers. This logo design was very professional as compared to the previous one where many sports related to American football later used the same concept of logo design to redesign their company’s logo.

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I would not be wrong if I say that the NBA logo design using the concept of a player’s silhouette is their best version. You can download the present NBA logo design in PNG format with transparent background below. The text of this logo design is very simple and also includes Windows default fonts.


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