Mobil Logo PNG Transparent Background Download


Mobil logo PNG transparent background download–feel free to get this logo. Do you know that “Mobil Oil” had been launched by a different name? In 1892, Standard Oil Company in America was launched, which later became SOCONY in 1911 and Mobil Oil in 1931. The Standard Oil Company has a very complex logo design with lots of illustrations, but when the company changed its name, they also changed the logo design. In 1931, the first logo design of Mobil Oil was launched, which was not very professional as compared to the logo designs of that era, not to mention it featured a dragon illustration. This logo design did not last for very long and the company came up with a new logo design in 1932.

Mobil logo PNG transparent background download shows the company’s present logo. The second “Mobil logo design” was completely different from the previous one. There was a new font and also the illustration of a flying horse. Mobil also started Mobil gas and this logo was actually designed for their second product. Later, the company also changed this logo design in 1955 but there was not so much new in it except for the addition of some border word which suited well with the cars and automobile companies.

In 1964, Mobil produced their last logo design, which still stands for the identity of their company. The present Mobil logo design is extremely simple and does not have any illustration. This simple logo design from the 1960s was indeed a new concept for companies to adopt because it was simple, creative, and professional, attracting the attention of their customer. This logo design has been designed by the famous graphic designer Tom Geismar who owns the company Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv.

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You can download the present Mobil logo design with transparent logo design in PNG format along with its font.

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Mobil Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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