Creative & Best Medical Logo Designs 2019 for Inspiration

The medical field is one of the vital sectors that work for the well-being of humankind. Human health is dependent on medical and pharmaceutical companies. However, due to the increased need to address health problems, the competition in this industry is pretty complicated. Hence, companies work hard to be on top of the list by competing with other firms and corporations. Therefore, the brand name and logo is one of the essential factors that impact the reputation and competitive status of a medical company. That is the reason behind medical logos and brochures because it serves half of the purpose of a company’s marketing efforts.

Logos are a symbolic representation of a medical brand and consumers connect with that. The significance of the “medical logo” is to publicize the services, values, and specialties of the brand. Moreover, the color and design of a logo are essential, and most companies use the standard color combination to evoke emotions of concern, freshness, and care. Thus, a brand logo summarizes a working institution, and it is a more straightforward way to spread the noble cause behind the work. This article is about the “best medical logo design” that carries useful meaning within it. Let’s dive into the details of this article.

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Technicalities to Follow

Designing  a logo is an art that needs consistent work and time to perform efficiently. Like every art, it requires expertise to complete a logo according to the guidelines. The development of medical logos is a different process and it requires knowledge of the background about the services of a company. Thus, quick research of the services is compulsory for the designer. Hence, this section involves some of the key suggestions for the designer and the company as well to develop the best possible logo using the given resources. Here are the details of those technicalities in the next section.

Services of Medical Institutions

A designer must jot down the medical services of health institutions and clinics. Many of the readers will be thinking: Why is this important in design? Does it change the perspective of the designer? The reason is that most of the medical logos illustrate the services that they are providing in their hospital/clinic or any health-related foundation. Hence, the designer frequently uses the visual representation of those services or in the form of written content. It fits well in the design and makes it understandable for the audience and potential consumers.

Visual Representation of Services

As in the above section of this article, the importance of embedding the services in the logo is defined specifically. There are two ways to incorporate those services into the logo. First is in the form of written content and the other is the visual representation of prescribed services. Therefore, the designer searches for such information and adopts numerous methodologies to represent it visually. For example, a hospital only deals with cardiovascular diseases, so their logo ought to have a heart and pulsating heartbeat in it so that it conveys the corresponding message.

Inserting Name in the Logo

This factor may not be important in another field of industry. Nevertheless, the medical industry needs it, and it is a primary requirement in the medical logo design. Apart from the visual representation of services, the name of the hospital or clinic should be present in the logo so that the user can easily have an idea about it.

Trends in Medical Logo Design

Typography and minimalistic logo trends hold sway in the medical industry. It is so because such a trend helps in the easy recognition of customers.

Best Medical Logo Design 2019

One of the difficult tasks for any company is to create a fantastic and unique logo, which requires a creative and intelligent graphic designer. Today’s major focus of many companies is to develop a unique logo as it is a prerequisite in helping the company capture a maximum share of the market. So, we can say that the best logo for the medical or health industry has all the qualities mentioned above.

In the first section of the article, the importance of logo for a medical brand is explained. It is the era of digital marketing, and the communication between brand and customers is based on internet connectivity. For this purpose, most pharmaceutical companies have developed websites, and a logo on top of the site produces a good impression on the viewer. Thus, here is the list of best medical logo designs that follow the basic needs of symbolic representation of a company.

1.800 MMJinFla Medical Logo

Image Source


2. Medical Cross Logo

Image Source


3. Curiato Medical Logo

Image Source


4.  Dabos Medical Logo

Image Source


5. Tabeeb Store Medical Logo

Image Source


6. Dignity Emergency Services Logo

Image Source

7. Health Care Medical Logo

Image Source


8. Health Care Best Medical Logo

Image Source


9. Heart Plus Medical Logo

Image Source


10. Hello Doctor Medical Logo

Image Source


11. Home Medical Logo

Image Source


12. Medical Logo

Image Source


13. London Vision Clinic Medical Logo

Image Source


14. Medicare Health Medical Logo

Image Source


15. Mona Lisa Health Medical Logo

Image Source


16. OutLook Medical Logo

Image Source


17. Rehab Max Medical Logo

Image Source


18. Resolution Medical Logo

Image Source


19. Spearwood Medical Logo

Image Source


20.  Surgeon Medical Logo

Image Source


21. Lorem Ipsum Medical Logo

Image Source


These are the top ten and best medical logo designs that have an excellent effect on the minds of consumers. The best logos make the marketing and advertisement of services easy and more effective. Most importantly, it assists in competing with other rivals because if your logo has the right color combination and message in it then automatically you are on top of other brands. Therefore, companies must spend time and monetary assets on designing the best logo that clears the path to their success.


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