McDonald’s Logo PNG Transparent Background


McDonald’s logo PNG transparent background is perfect for those working on a similar project. Finding a McDonald’s franchise is not difficult at all. Its famous logo design with the big M is enough for you to recognize the fastfood company’s outlet. But have you ever thought about the secret behind the M of McDonald’s and the history of “McDonald’s logo design”? Today, McDonald’s offers different types of burgers, sandwiches and many other stuff to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But in 1948, when McDonald‘s was officially launched as a separate brand, it offered nothing but hamburgers. McDonald’s first logo design did not have its famous M, while it was white on black background with a long brand name, which includes its famous hamburger, too.

McDonald’s logo PNG transparent background shows the culmination of this design evolution. But in 1953, McDonald’s Hamburgers was changed into McDonald’s only, which also necessitated a change in the company’s logo design. Later, the company introduced a different logo design from time to time. They launched their 3rd logo design in 1960, which is the basis of the present McDonald’s logo design. But in 1968, with its simple logo featuring a big M, the design enabled the company to reorganize worldwide. The company did not bring any change to this logo design until 2006.

When McDonald’s expanded internationally, especially in Middle Eastern countries, they had to come up with their logo design in the Arabic language as well to target the market in more effective ways. McDonald’s has dozens of different logo designs all around the world with different languages and color combinations, but in all of them, the trademark “M” is always present.

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In 2006, McDonald’s further simplified their logo design using only two colors with a red background, and this is the present logo of the company. In the following, you can download the logo in PNG format with transparent logo design for inspiration or for corporate or personal use.


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