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KFC new logo PNG transparent background download is an important reference if you’re working on related collaterals. In 1930, the first burger of KFC was sold from a small cart in America. Today, they have thousands of franchisees all around the world. Initially, there was no logo design of KFC existed as the business was not much big and there was no trend of logo designs for food cart and trucks. The company launched their first logo in 1952 when the first franchise of KFC was purchased by someone from Utah.

KFC new logo PNG transparent background download needs a closer look, considering the first logo design of KFC remained in the market till 1978. This logo design bears the face of the founder of KFC “Colonel Sanders” and simple font. As compared to today’s logo design, this logo design was very different with its black color. The company’s second logo design was launched in 1978 and was used until 1991. In this logo design, the quality of Colonel Sanders’s face was enhanced while there was a new font introduced but the company used the same black color in this logo design as they did previously.

The first color logo design of KFC was introduced in 1997 with red color. The company has also changed the name Kentucky Fried Chicken into KFC to make it simple. Since then, the company has changed the logo design in 1997 and 2006. The current logo design of KFC is the same as their 2006 logo design. You can download this logo design below in PNG and vector formats. This logo design is available with transparent background.

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