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IBM logo PNG transparent background features the symbol of this world-famous brand. IBM stands for International Business Machines. As compared to our previous logo collection of famous logos, IBM may not be as popular as it used to be, but still, people who are connected with technology in any way know about IBM and surely would like to know about its logo design history and how IBM got professional logo design for their company.

IBM logo PNG transparent background is easily accessible here. IBM was founded in 1911, but you may be surprised to know that they came up with their first logo design in 1924. Yes, they incorporated the logo design in their business branding after a gap of 13 years. Their first logo design was creative and somehow stylish as compared to other businesses logo design of that era. But IBM changed their logo design in 1947. They made their logo design very simple, and removed the globe from their logo design which was made up with the business name. The second logo design of IBM was very simple.

“IBM logo design” was changed for the third time in 1956, although there was not much change except for the font but this logo design gave identity to the IBM logo design and still the company’s current logo design is based on the same font.

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In 1967, IBM added a very thin line in their logo design, which was changed to a thick line in 1972. IBM did not change the logo design after 1972 and currently they use the same logo design for their business. It may be interesting to know that there are 8 bars in their logo design which represent 8 bits.


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IBM logo design is a great example for those who are looking for a simple and creative logo design inspiration. You can download the PNG version of IBM logo design with transparent background below.

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