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Gillette logo PNG transparent background download is a perfect tool if you’re looking for some design ideas, especially for a text-based logo design for inspiration. There is no better example than the logo design of Gillette. Gillette is one of the most popular companies in the world who is known for their shaving products. The logo design of Gillette has always been text-based only. As a company who sell shaving products, they could have easily introduced some symbol or icon in their logo but they have not done it. Instead, they have kept their logo design simple all the time for all of their products..

Gillette logo PNG transparent background download also includes the first logo design of Gillette, which was introduced in 1901 when the company was founded. This logo design remained in the market till 1964. Their second logo design is the basis of their present logo because it resembles the same font or at least the same logo design. This logo design remained in the market untill 1989 when Gillette introduced their first blue logo design with bold text.

In 2009, they brought their black logo design back with further improvement in the font. Currently, they are using this logo design for all of their products. You can download the logo design of Gillette with transparent background and in PNG and vector formats below.

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The font of Gillette logo design is also available on the font’s website to download free of cost and usable for personal and business purposes.


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