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Ford logo PNG transparent background download can be used by any graphic designer working on a related project. The logo design of Ford is one of those which can be recognized easily because the company has concentrated to use the same style, graphic and color scheme for their logo design since the very first day. It is true that the first two logo designs of the company did not contain their famous blue or navy blue color, but the font which was used in their second logo design is almost the same and matches their current logo design.

Ford logo PNG transparent background download is free here, which makes this a nice resource for any graphic artist. Unlike other motor vehicle or automotive companies, Ford does not add any graphic, symbol or icon in their logo design but the font which they are using for the text of their logo design is enough to create a symbol.

The history of Ford logo design is quite long, but not much has changed in their logo design in these couple of years. The first logo design of Ford was published in 1903, after that, they redesigned their logo after a gap of about 20 years. Their recent logo design was recreated in 2003 in which they added two shades of blue colors with the same font and design.

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The Ford logo design can be used to get inspiration and ideas to design a logo for motor vehicles or automotive companies. So, if you are looking for original logo design of Ford in vector file with transparent background, then you can download it as I have shared its original file with you below:


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