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eBay logo PNG transparent background download can be conveniently accessed here. eBay is among those companies that first started selling online products. Initially, their services were limited to few cities, later expanding to include a number of states and then to certain countries. Today, eBay is available in many countries. I would not be wrong if I say that eBay is among those companies that introduced the concept of online shopping and ecommerce. As there was a very limited number of competitors in 1995 when eBay launched its business, spending money in marketing and branding was not very much necessary. That’s why eBay spent very little on their first eBay logo design.

eBay logo PNG transparent background download is an interesting specimen for graphic designers. eBay is a marketing leader of online stores, but today due to high competition they need to work on their branding and marketing strategy to stay at the top of the market. Until 2012, when there was not much competition among ecommerce businesses, eBay did not change their logo design. But eBay changed its logo in 2012, the first such revision since 1995. There is not much difference in both eBay logo designs except the change in typeface and also the removal of the overlapping characters. The color scheme of eBay’s new logo design is almost the same except for the introduction of brighter colors.

The eBay logo design is a great example for upcoming ecommerce businesses. It has proven that you do not need to have shopping illustration in your logo to be successful in branding. You can download the eBay logo design with transparent background below for free in PNG format.

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