Domino’s Pizza Logo PNG Transparent Background Download


Domino’s Pizza logo PNG transparent background download can be used by anyone interested in using it in their design project. Domino’s was founded almost in the same era as Pizza Hut. Even with the great competition in the market, Domino’s Pizza was able to win the hearts of food lovers (specifically pizza lovers) with their new pizza flavors. Today, Domino’s Pizza is offering their pizzas in different countries and has the same market like Pizza Hut. Due to fierce competition, Domino’s has to work intensely in their marketing strategies and branding which can’t be done without a creative and professional logo design.

Domino’s Pizza logo PNG transparent background download can be enjoyed on this page today. In 1960, when Domino’s Pizza was founded, they also featured their logo design on the boxes of their pizza. Dominos Pizza’s first logo design was almost similar to their present logo design except for the selection of colors, which were very basic red and blue. Today, Domino’s Pizza logo design has the same colors but the first logo design had bright red and blue.

In 1986, Domino’s Pizza logo was redesigned. Nothing much was changed in this logo design except the company switched the text part to uppercase letters and also flipped the side of the logo. If you compare this logo design with the first Domino’s logo design, you won’t find much difference other than it was flipped on its side. This logo design stayed in the market until 1996.

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In 1996, Domino’s Pizza logo was once again redesigned. This logo was quite different from the previous one in terms of colors and font where the logo shape was changed from rectangle to diamond. Also in the same year, Domino’s Pizza became Domino’s. This logo design has been used with different variants in different parts of the world and also seen in different styles on print and electronic media.


Recently in 2012, Domino’s rebranded their whole brand in which they also worked on their logo design. You can download the present Domino’s logo design with free font down below in transparent background.

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Dominos-Pizza-Logo-PNG-2016-download-new Dominos-Pizza-Logo-PNG-Transparent Dominos-Pizza-new-Logo-PNG-download



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