Coca Cola Logo PNG Transparent Background


Coca Cola logo PNG transparent background bears the world-famous image of the beloved company. Coca Cola is among those brands known everywhere you go. The Coca Cola logo design can be recognized easily and you can tell by the colors that this bottle belongs to Coca Cola. But do you know that the current logo design of Coca Cola is not the first one used by the company? Since its launch in 1886, the logo has been changed several times, including its color, font and even the whole scheme.

Coca Cola logo PNG transparent background is therefore important to understand this evolution. The first logo design of Coca Cola was created in 1886, while the second one was released in the following year. The second logo of Coca Cola has proven effective in giving the business its unique identity, which is why the company is still using the same font in their current logo design. Coca Cola’s third logo design was launched in 1900, in which the company changed the logo’s color from black to red and also included the border around the logo. This logo design was not changed until 1941.

The present logo design of Coca Cola was designed and launched in 1941, in which the company changed the shade of the red color and tweaked the font to match the current logo design. Over the years, the company tried using a number of different design treatments for their different products, but their main logo design was part of each of those logo designs.

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Coca Cola’s campaign logo design was limited and was launched in different sub-companies at different times. Not to mention the fact that the Coca Cola logo has been designed in several languages, especially in the Arabic language for the Middle Eastern market, which shows us the importance of adapting the logo to the type of market and size.


The current Coca Cola logo design is available to download below in PNG format with transparent background.

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Coca Cola Logo PNG Transparent Background




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