30+ Creative Business Logo Templates Download


30+ creative business logo templates download is an excellent resource for graphic designers. We have shared more than one thousand creative business designs in different forms and types. Although today’s logo collection is also based on “business logo designs”, these are different from others because these creative business logo designs are premium and available to download in different formats including PSD, PNG, EPS and AI.


Usually our logo design collection is limited to only one type of business, product and services but not the following collection because the following collection of logo designs has been gathered through different sources to give you the best of creative business logo design templates to download.

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30+ creative business logo templates download are, therefore, a comprehensive collection. Whether you are looking for construction business logo design, real estate logo design, technology-related logo design or creative and eye-catching logo design for your art-related business, the following collection of creative business logo templates has all of them. You can also use one logo design in other multiple businesses of yours due to the versatility of the logo design.


The following logo designs are 100% editable in popular software, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw. You will also get the free collection of fonts used in the design of these logos. The logo design’s original file has each element and illustration of logo design in separate layers so that you can edit them, change the colors and font of logo designs as per your business and product requirements.

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To make it easy for you, I have also included the brief introduction of creative business logo design so you can easily pick one of your choices based on your business, products and services.

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1# Art Kids Studio Creative Logo Template

If you own a business related to kids activities including education then this is one of the best choices to use because it is specially designed for those businesses that have services related to kids. This logo design is colorful and enough to attract the target audience.

Art Kids Studio Creative Logo Template

2# Industry & Science Logo

It is a multipurpose logo design which could be suits to any type of business and company. The colorful element of this logo design makes it very creative and professional logo design. You can edit and change the color scheme of this logo design where it is available in PSD, PND, and EPS formats.


3# Dot Circle Logo

A creative business logo design which is designed for medical and health related business. Usually the medical related logo designs are very simple and have the same design but this is different and very professionally designs for health business. You can change the colors as per your requirements.



4# Infinity Logo

As the name of this logo design say it by its own. Infinity logo design can be used for any type of creative business idea and products. Mostly such kind of logo designs are in trend of art related businesses and those which are related to technology etc. It is 100% editable logo design.


5# Media Play Logo

An icon based logo design with big play button is designed for media, music and video related companies. An audio business can also use this logo design. While the font of this logo design is not very impressive but you can change it and make it more attractive once you download this logo.

Media Play Logo download for music comapny

6# Talking Metrics  – Internet Marketing Logo

SMS, message, email, letter, reports and chat related applications and websites can use this logo design. The bubble icon of message makes it a perfect choice for Smartphone applications logo design. The colors can be change where it is a 100% editable logo design which is available in different formats.


7# Studio pro – Photography Logo Design

A photography logo design could not be complete without the illustration of camera. The following photography logo design is simple but creative photography business logo design. It is editable logo design so don’t worry about the colors and font choice. Download in EPS, PSD, PNG, AI and other formats.


8# Creative Idea Colorful Logo Design

This logo design can be used by the owners of upcoming startup and entrepreneurs to present their business, idea, product and concept to the audience and their investors. This logo design also can be used for companies who are offering unique services in any sector of the business.


9# Geek Creator Logos

This logo design is designed for personal blogs and can be used on CV and individual’s company to represent the person. You will get multiple shapes of human face in this logo design so that you can use one of the most relevant to your face. It is good logo design for graphic and web designer, software and application developer.


10# Flying Eagle Logo

Eagle represents many thing including power, speed and fly. This eagle based logo design is perfect for those businesses that have the word of fast, speed and anything related to motivation in their business objectives. Eagle logo designs are used in USA but it does not mean that you can’t use it if you are not American.


11# eBooking Logo

Finding a business logo design for booking website could be mess because most of ebooking logo designs seem same due to the concept and structure of business. But the following ebooking business logo design could solve your issue. It is specially designed for flights ebooking services business. Download in EPS, PNG and PSD.



12# Agency Logo Template

The following logo design is specially designed specifically for agency business but can be used beyond it due to its fly illustration in it. The logo design is available in different colors while you change the color scheme as per your requirements. Download this business logo design in different formats.


13# Brain Storm Logo

The shape of following logo design is enough to tell you about the concept behind the illustration. The idea bulb at the end of logo design can be used in verity of businesses as their logo design where the fire or storm illustration over the bulb end make is a perfect business logo design to use for creative businesses.


14# Creadroid – Robot Mascot Logo

Robot logo designs are always in high demand in the market, even Google is using a robot logo design to present Android. The following robot logo design can be used by technology related businesses and companies. You can even split the illustration of robot mascot and use what fits with your need.


15# Speed Logo Template

Looking for an auto, car, racing, speed and a logo design which represent the fast factor? Download the following business logo design for your speed related business. While this logo design is a perfect choice for auto related businesses but by little bit of editing, it can be used beyond just auto businesses.


16# Owl Geek Logo

The following is a perfect owl geek logo design. Each pixel of the following logo design is designed with creative mind and also graphic design has care about each and every detail in the owl illustration. This logo design can be used for any type of business due to its illustration. From school to technology company can use it.


17# Nature & Animals Logo


18# Health Life Coaching Creative Logo

Health logo design is usually limited to specific pattern of the design but not the following logo design. The use of different light colors makes it a perfect health logo design. Colors of this logo can be changed and it is 100% editable logo design. Download in EPS, PSD, PNG and AI formats.


19# Clean Home Logo

A quality business logo design is one which can define its objective through the logo design. The following logo design is the best example of this. It has four different illustration of cleaning business. You can change it as per your requirement and use the empty box to incorporate other elements of your business in it.


20# Colibri Logo

The following logo design may looks inspired by many business logo design but still it has its own uniqueness. The way the feather has been created and design for this bird make it original from other. Download this business logo design which is available in different formats where you can also change the colors as per your business requirements.


21#Color Team Logo Template

For a company logo design, there could be nothing better than showing happy members or customers in the logo design. The following logo design has it. While it says he color team logo design this business logo design can be used for any company specially related to social companies who prefer their stakeholders. Download and edit in Adobe Photoshop.


22# Creative Brain – Logo Template

This is another brain illustration logo design. As compare to previous one this creative brain logo design is more professional, especially the uses of colors make it a perfect choice for creative startups to use it. Download this business logo design in different color schemes along with free fonts.


23# Drone Camera – Aerial Photo Logo

Drone is now being used in many businesses. Whether you are looking for a camera man who can record your events from top or someone to reach the impossible place to take shots, drone can do everything. The following drone camera logo design can be used by such businesses and startups to represent their businesses.


24# Granite / Letter G – Logo Template

A very professional and creative business logo design. If your business name start’s with G or has a business name whose main latter is G then use this logo design for a big shout. It is available to download in different color versions while you can also edit the color scheme of your own choice.


25# Kid Gamer Logo Template

This cool graphic logo design may says kid game only but it can be used for any gaming business, club and gaming zone. You can add more cool illustration around the kid illustration as well. This colorful logo design is perfect example for kid related and games related business logo design.


26# Marketing Online Logo Template

The following logo design can be used for multi purposes which include the finance business, stats related business and business which are related to accounting and auditing services. This logo design has multiple illustrations. It is editable logo design so you can add or remove illustration by your requirements.


27# Pet Logo Template

This pet logo design has illustration of both dog and cat but it does not mean that it can be use for the pet shop which has only these two cute animals. You can use this pet logo design for any business related to pet and animals which includes pet shop and veterinary medicine or care etc.


28# Web Design Logo

A web designing and graphic designing business is known by its branding and marketing. If the logo design of the company or the website of the company is not creative and designed with professionalism, then you would not get clients. Use the following business logo design for your IT based company who offer designing services.


29# Electric Bike Logo

If you are looking for an innovative logo design for your innovative products like e cycle or ebike, the following logo design would be a perfect choice for your business and products. This creative business logo design is designed for startups and products which are listed on crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter.


30# Real Estate Creative Logo Design

Usually real estate logo designs are very limited in term of colors but following real estate logo design will changed your presumption about real estate logo design because it is designed with multi colors with the illustration of houses and buildings. This logo design is available in different colors and formats.




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