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BMW logo PNG transparent background download features the symbol of this globally famous company. A car is known by its looks, interior and speed but the true car lover does not purchase a car without looking at the logo design of the car company, which usually could be found at the front of the car. BMW is a well known car brand which is known for its technology and eye-catching car interior, but still, for confirmation, a new buyer always looks at the logo before purchasing a new BMW car. But have you ever thought about its history?

BMW logo PNG transparent background download is created for the benefit of designers. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. It was founded in 1916 in Germany. On the day of the company’s launch, the first “BMW logo design” was introduced, which was quite similar to the new one but simple with no effects. The second logo design was launched in 1923, in which the font of BMW was changed where the border size of the logo was also increased, although the color scheme did not change.

In 1936, BMW’s new logo design came with the new cars. In this logo design, not only the color scheme of  the whole logo was changed but also the font. This one was simpler than the previous logo design with less colors. Instead of using a bright blue color, the new BMW logo design has light blue color with a big black circle and white font.

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In 1954, the company changed the font once again where the bright blue color was back in this logo design including the size of the border. In 2000, BMW launched their final logo design which was totally different from their previous logo but it was based on the original logo design. It has many new effects and a bit of 2D effects as well.


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In the following you can “download free BMW logo design with transparent background”.

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