Baskin Robbins Logo PNG Transparent Background Download


Baskin Robbins logo PNG transparent background download is popular among graphic designers in the food industry. Baskin Robbins is a popular ice cream brand known for its numerous ice cream flavors. Later many companies came up with the same concept but did not get as popular as Baskin Robbins. There are many reasons which make Baskin Robbins popular all around the world: first, it is part of the world-renowned Dunkin Brands; second, the way they have promoted their products was different and unique. Baskin Robbins logo design has played an important role in the whole branding and marketing of the business, that’s why the company has changed and redesigned their logo over the years.

Baskin Robbins logo PNG transparent background download can be easily accessed on this page. In 1945, Baskin Robbins was founded in the USA but the company came up with their first official logo design in 1947. The first logo design was very simple and not very professional if you compare it with the popular logo designs of those times. In 1988, Baskin Robbins revised their logo for the first time and it was totally different from the previous one. They introduced the blue color in the logo design and also changed the typeface. In 2006, when Baskin Robbins expanded beyond America, they again redesigned their logo. While there was not much change in the color scheme of this new logo, overall, the new design was different from the previous one. The company has “31” in their first and second logo design, which is also part of their latest logo, but it may be less recognizable for customers than the company’s previous logos.

The “31” in Baskin Robbins logo design represents the number of flavors of ice cream sold by the company. You can download the Baskin Robbins logo design with transparent background below in PNG format.

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