Apple Logo PNG Transparent Background


Apple logo PNG transparent background is a must-have for Apple fans and non-fans alike. Who does not know about Apple’s products? iPhones, iPods, iPads, iWatches, TV and their computers are all over the world, famous for their distinctive branding, quality and innovative technology. But have you ever noticed that Apple has a different logo design for their different products? Yes, we all know Apple by its official black half-eaten “apple logo design” but you would find slight variations of it on their different products.

Apple logo PNG transparent background is a nifty graphic design tool. For example, if you have ever taken a look at the Apple logo design on the Mac and iPhone in 2007, the logo design is different than its official logo design. Moreover, Apple also launched a new logo design for a specific time of period after the death of Steve Jobs.

The first logo design of Apple was launched in 1976 when the company officially arrived in the market with its products. If you look back at the first Apple logo design, you won’t believe that it belonged to them as it was big and had Newton sitting under an apple tree. Apple came up with its second logo design in 1977 with six colors, and it was professionally executed but perhaps had too many colors for a technology company. Apple understands the new trends in logo design and changed the six colors to a single one: black. The current logo design is the same as when it was launched in 1998: simple, unique, professional and enough to deliver its message.

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Apple launched many products in the last 16 years. They also came up with a temporary logo design to suit their products, like the iPod, iMac and iPhone but they did not officially use those logo designs later on their products. Apple’s present logo design  is available to download in PNG format with transparent background below.

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Apple Logo PNG Transparent Background

Apple Logo Png DownloadApple Logo Black PNG Transparent Background

Apple Logo Black png Transparent

Apple Logo Blue PNG transparent Background

Apple Offical Logo Png Blue Color Transparent BackgroundNote : How to Download This Logo. “Save As Image”



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