16+ Best Travel Agency Logo Design with Mockup


16+ best travel agency logo design with mockup are highly useful for any graphic designer. This world has many beautiful places to visit. But without the help of a travel agent, you can be lost and end up in the wrong place. In the past few years, especially after the invention of the latest technology like the internet, “travel agencies” have taken their business to a whole new level. Usually they offer very limited travel options because travel agencies did not use to have access to the international market. Thanks to the internet that has opened the doors for new business, now you can travel to any part of the world while the travel agent does not even have to be in your country. Purchase cheap flight tickets or plan an adventure trips, online travel agencies can help you.

16+ Best Travel Agency Logo Design with Mockup

16+ best travel agency logo design with mockup show what are used in different travel companies. Today’s logo design is based on “travel agency logo design“. While a company is known by its services, travel agencies need to spend money on branding and marketing, which may not be possible without having a creative, unique and professional logo design. The following travel agency logo designs have been collected from different websites and created by different designers around the world. You will find the various concepts in the following travel agency logo designs.

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Different types of illustrations can be used in a travel logo design. You can use the image of a globe, airplane, speed, map pointer and other travel illustrations in your logo design. But do understand the need of your customer and services they are offering. In the following collection of different logo designs, you can get ideas and use this collection for inspiration. This logo design collection is very cheap and affordable, so if you like a logo design, simply grab it by clicking on the download button.



City Travel Hub

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For your convenience, I have written down a bit of introduction of each logo design so you know which will suit your requirements.

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1# Best Travel Logo Design

The first travel agency logo design in this collection is not only simple but also extremely creative. This logo can be used for any type of travel-related business whether it’s online or offline. It is based on the Google Maps pointer but it has its own creative version that makes it unique. It is available in PNG, PSD, EPS and AI formats.



2# Best Travel Logo Design

If you own a travel agency business which deals with airlines and cheap flights then this travel agency logo design is a great option for you because it contains the illustration of an airplane. It won’t just suit your business branding but also can be used for business cards and other marketing purposes. You can down load this logo in PSD, AI and EPS.

Cloud Travel logo design download


3# Global Travel Logo

This global travel logo design is specially designed for those agencies which deal with internal travel and tourist plans including cheap flights. It is available in multiple colors where the colors can be changed as per your required demand. It is based on RGB color layers and comes with a free commercial font.

Global Travel Logo download


4# Travel & Tours Logo Template

This is a 100% resizable travel agency logo design which can be used for any type of travel company. The illustration of an airplane on a bag makes it unique while allow this logo to be used for multiple purposes. Whether you offer cheap flights or adventure travel trips, this logo design is a perfect choice for your business to represent. Available in different formats.

Travel & Tours Logo Template


5# Travel Deals Logo Template

The concept of offering online deals is nothing new. How about a logo design which suits with travel deals? This logo design is a perfect example of such type of business who offer cheap travel deals, including cheap hotels and flights. The font comes with the logo design where it is 100% resizable and can be edited as per your demand.

Travel Deals Logo Template


6# Air Travel Transport Logo

This is another creative travel logo design which represents speed and flight. It can be used beyond just travel-related businesses due to its creative design. It is available in many versions including different colors. Download this logo design in different formats and edit as per your requirements.

Air Travel Transport Logo


7# Creative Destination Logo

What a colorful travel agency logo design. This is one of my favorite logo design in the whole collection due to the number of colors used in the airplane illustration. You can add more colors of your choice in this logo design or go with only one color. All depends on your business requirements. Download this logo design in EPS, JPG, PNG and AI formats.



8# Blue Airlines Logo

Although the logo design says blue airlines, it does not mean that you need to have “blue” in your business name. You can change color of logo design and think beyond just blue logo design. 100% editable and resizable vector logo design which is available to download in EPS and AI versions. Change color and font to creative something new.

Blue Airlines Logo


9# Flying Cloud Logo

A perfect symbol/icon based logo design for travel agencies to use. This is one color logo design which makes it very professional. Colors, text and font can be easily edited in Adobe Photoshop and this logo design comes in EPS and AI illustration formats.

Flying Cloud Logo


10# Global Network Logo

This symbol-based logo design is not really designed for travel agency but this is creative enough to  be incorporated in travel agency logo design. If you own an online business related to traveling, then this logo design is a great option for you.

Global Network Logo


11# Your Guide Logo

The logo designer of this logo has taken the concept of travel agency logo design to a whole new level. While there is nothing new in this logo design, still it is one of the most creative logo designs with new concept. Indeed, this logo design is a perfect choice for those companies who offer adventure trips to their customers.

Your Guide Logo download creative


12# Launch Space Logo Template

While this is not a perfect travel agency logo design, I have still included this in this collection because of its concept of speed. Change colors, text, font or size as per your requirements.

Launch Space Logo Template


13# Trip Booking Logo

If you offer online or offline ticketing to your clients, then this is a perfect example of logo design to use. The colorful globe illustration makes this logo design one of the creative logo designs where illustration of airplane fulfills the requirement of travel.

Trip Booking Logo download


 14# Places Finder Logo Template

A great logo design with new concept. This logo design can be used by travel related Smartphone applications which help their users to find a location or a specific sport. You can edit the colors of this logo design in any color because it is fully editable vector EPS logo design.



15 # Highest World Logo Template

Another symbol logo design with basic font but creative illustration. Can be used for travel agencies who offer car rental services or road trips to their clients. This logo design is available in AI, EPS and PSD formats. It is 100% resizable. You can also change the colors and font as per your requirements.

Highest World logo design


16# Rocket Idea Logo Template

Rocket is not really suitable for this logo collection as we are talking about agency logo design but still I have included this because you can ask the designed to replace rocket with an airplane illustration or you can use it as it is available to download because rocket represents speed.

Rocket Idea Logo download




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