15+ Creative Affordable Photography Logo PSD Buy Online


15+ creative affordable photography logo PSD buy online–that is, if you need a quick solution to your design needs. Photographers need to have a very creative, professional and unique logo design because photographers are supposed to know graphic design, too. But usually, photography logo design is created for them, too. Photography logo design is simple and border-based because photographers use them on their clients’ pictures. Having color photography may look very attractive but the photographer cannot use them on their clients’ photos. That’s why photographers always want to have a border-based logo design with minimum use of colors and illustration.

15+ Creative Affordable Photography Logo PSD Buy Online

15+ creative affordable photography logo PSD buy online–this is supposedly the cheapest option online. We have shared “creative photography logo designs” earlier but today’s collection has a list of affordable photography logo designs. These ready-made photography logo designs do not require much effort to be incorporated in your business. If you know the basics of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, then you can easily edit these affordable “photography logo designs” as per you or your client’s business requirements.

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The following collection of affordable photography logo designs is available in different price ranges but all of them are under $50 with original editable file. Each of the following affordable photography logo designs is different from each other. You will see the simple but unique logo designs as well as the logo designs with 2D and 3D effects. These logo designs have been created to fulfill the printing and branding requirements of certain businesses. You can also use them for online marketing purposes and offline printing purposes without having to worry about losing quality and color pixels.


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If you are downloading any of these affordable photography logo design, then make sure to go with those logo designs which are simple but creative. I have shared the most creative photography logo designs below so you don’t need to search a lot for the perfect design.

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1# Photography Logo

A logo design with DSLR illustration is very clear. This photography logo design has been designed for photography studios. Very simple and creative with detailed illustration of camera and lenses. Available in different colors and PDF and EPS formats. Can be edited in CS4.


2# Creative Photography Logo

What does this logo design remind you? Probably an old camera illustration. Simple, creative and professional logo design can be the brand logo of any photographer. Use on website or for printing purposes. Available in AI and EPS formats and 100% editable.


3# Awesome Photography Logo unique Idea

This photography logo design with illustration of camera lenses could be a great choice for photographers who are known by their lens expertise. This logo design can be used for printing purposes, as well. Available in black, but color can be changed as per requirement.


4# Photography Logo Template

A simple but very creative photography logo design for those who are looking for something new for the branding of their business. The P letter in the logo design makes this logo design ideal for those photographers whose names start with P. Available in multicolor and EPS formats.

creative logo design Template for photography

5# Stylish Wedding Photography Logo

Photographers are usually famous for wedding logo designs. How could we forget to include wedding photography logo design? This stylish and creative wedding photography logo contains a shiny diamond illustration, which makes it unique. Available in 8 colors.


6#Panorama – Photography Logo

This panorama photography logo design is specially designed for those photographers who are experts in taking panorama photos but it does not mean that other photographers can’t use this logo design for their business purpose. It is 100% vector logo which is available in AI and EPS.


7# Fashion Photography Logo Template

This creative photography logo design has been designed for fashion photographers. Kaushan Script, the free font, is used in this logo where you can download this logo in AI and EPS formats. A great choice for those who are looking for fashion photography logo design.

Fashion Photography Logo Template

8# Creative Colorful Click Vlick – Photography Logo

As the name suggests, this click vlick photography logo design features many colors. Available in EPS and AI files and comes with free fonts.


9# Camera Logo – Lens Color Photography

WOW, what a colorful and flat logo design for photographers. This logo design fits any photography business, whether you are a wedding photographer or professional photographer known for fashion photography, this logo design will suit the needs of any photographer.


10#John Anderson Logo (photograph)

A very detailed photography logo design with interesting camera illustration, this border-based logo design can be suitable to be on pictures and for printing purposes as well. This logo design is available in both 3D effects and flat version to fulfill your requirement of printing and using online.


11# PhotoHand Logo for Photographer

A big logo design with illustration is not really the choice of photographers because they can’t use it on their photos. But this logo design would change your opinion. This photo hand logo design is a great abstract for photography work. It is 100% editable and scalable.

PhotoHand Logo for Photographer

12# Nature Photography Logo

This three-color version logo design has been created for nature photographers. The green illustration within the camera is enough to tell about the type of photographer. The colors can be changed in Adobe where it can be easily edited as per your requirement.

Nature Photography Logo

13#Bordimak Wedding Photography Logo Template

If you are a photographer and your business name starts with the letter B, then this is a perfect choice for you. Especially designed for wedding photographers but can be used by anyone. Editable, available in EPS and AI.

Bordimak Wedding Photography Logo Template

14# Whimsical Camera Tree Newborn Photography Logo

A very creative photography logo design designed for photographers who are famous for taking pictures of babies. The illustration of a tree in this logo makes it one of the most creative logo designs. Available in AI and EPS formats and can be edited.


15#Wedding Photo Studio Photography Logo Template

The last logo design of our whole photography logo design collection. It is suitable for wedding photographers who are experts and famous for their wedding photography. Available in unlimited color combinations, you can easily change the color as per your requirement. You can edit this logo design including the font.

Wedding Photo Studio Photography Logo Template



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