50+ Successful Cryptocurrency Logo Design Ideas For Inspiration

Cryptocurrency logo designs

Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity at a rapid speed in recent times. Yes, this is promising for all the companies in the market but it simultaneously means that everything becomes more competitive and cryptocurrency businesses need to stand out in order to be successful.

One way in which they do this is with their “cryptocurrency logo designs”. For a business, a logo has so many purposes – acting as a symbol of their company, something that customers can identify to build trust, awareness and traffic. Consequently, how a blockchain business designs their logos (with the use of colour, text or image) is so significant. It could be the first thing a potential customer sees.


There are approximately 1300 cryptocurrencies out there, all with different logos and thus different messages they portray about their brand. Here are some of the most effective.

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When you think of cryptocurrency, you probably think of Bitcoin first and foremost. It’s the most famous and well-recognised cryptocurrency, with the use of good branding an efficient logo, Bitcoin remains on top. Their logo consists of an orange circle and a ‘B’ with two vertical dashes through it. The idea derives from the visual of an actual coin. It’s simple, easy to replicate and bold.


Bitcoin Logo Design


The Bitcoin logo is a perfect example of a logo which can be easily recognised and trusted worldwide.


The use of the coin shape

In fact, many other cryptocurrency brands have decided to use the coin shape too – symbolising money and almost giving a currency symbol to the customers. Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin uses the first letter in its name. This simple addition prompts people to the Litecoin brand effortlessly.


Litecoin Logo Design


Raiblocks logo design

Raiblocks logo, on first glance, looks like a hexagon, on closer inspection, it is actually a block (or a cube) combined with a rai stone.

Stellar logo design

Stellar’s logo presents the company as out of this world and futuristic but also as a form of transfer (which is exactly what they are).

Cardano Logo Design

Cardano uses circular coin shapes to create a modern, well-designed logo.

Ripple Logo Design

Ripple’s logo looks modern (just like cryptocurrency is) and stands out from other cryptocurrency logos. Overall, a really successful design.

NEO Logo Design

NEO’s logo is imaginative and distinctive in the cryptocurrency sphere. The 3D arch doubles as an ‘N’ and the luminous green colour catches the eye.

Doge Coin Logo Design

Dogecoin goes above and beyond in terms of a distinctive logo. They’ve incorporated an internet meme into their logo, which follows that “coin” design. This is an innovative design; oozing in modernity and humour.

Ethereum Logo Design

Ethereum is one of the biggest crypto brands at the moment, their logo was designed by Texture and Vitalik Buterin, and is an example of great design. The silvery blue symbolises money and riches, whilst the almost triangles catch the eye.

Tether Logo Design

Tether is another company that has used a coin type shape, only they’ve chosen to have their ‘T’ pass right through it.

Monero Logo Design

Monero has a reputation of being secure and accessible – their logo had to symbolise this. Their logo is a strong and bold design that dramatically represents Monero’s best qualities; their safety and privacy.

NEM Logo Design

NEM’s logo almost mimics a shield, something that could subconsciously give customers more trust.

EOS Logo Design Crypto

Geometry is used quite a lot with cryptocurrency logos, but EOS has really taken their logo to the next level. It looks sophisticated but complicated at the same time.

Komodo logo design

Komodo’s logo mirrors Komodo dragon’s eye.

Medibloc logo design

Medibloc has created a bloc out of a letter ‘M’, successfully incorporating their name into an attractive logo.

Augur logo design

Obviously, the Augur logo is super different to the rest, utilising geometric shapes. It actually symbolises the different points in the market all coming together. The purple colour denotes feelings of wealth and royalty.

Iota Logo Design

Iota creatively incorporates the circular coin shapes that are present in cryptocurrency logos but uses them in a design which looks futuristic – something that follows throughout their brand.

Raven Coin Logo Design

Ravencoin is a beautiful example of when innovation meets art. Their colourful design that’s been made into clothing by fans.

It doesn’t matter which type of design you go for, as long as the use of colours, fonts, shapes and symbols all represent your brand’s message. All these logos have designs that work in complete harmony with each other, regardless of how complex or simple it is. 


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