Xbox One Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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I am sure that you have been playing games on your Xbox, but have you ever thought about its logo history? Xbox was launched in 2001 with a stylish logo design. The first logo of Xbox was quite simple but with excellent selection of colors. There were multiple shades of green in it which makes it a perfect logo design for gaming products.

In 2005, Xbox has upgrade their system and launched in which they have also updated their logo design. The new logo design have not much new except the addition of a round in the background of the X. They keep this idea in their further logo designs which has been updated in 2010 and 2012 with little change in the color scheme. They actually removed the different shades of green from their logo design and used only one green color which becomes the identity of the Xbox. Their latest logo design was made in 2013 which they are also using for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other products.

The latest Xbox One logo design is much different from the previous logo design including the introduction of new colors. The shape of X has been changed in this logo design while the color of round has been changed from plain green to white with some gray shades.

The Xbox one logo design is a great logo design for those who are looking for some inspiration to design a logo design for their gaming business. You can specially use the color scheme for the inspiration.

You can download the original Xbox One logo design below in PNG format for editing and recognized the prefect color scheme.

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Xbox One Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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