Surf Excel Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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Surf Excel is a popular detergent of Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This brand was founded in 1996 but TV and other media made it popular in late 2000. The first time when the logo design of Surf Excel was launched, it was hard to identify that it is the logo design for the washing powder or a detergent but later the company has explained it well in their marketing and ad campaigns.

Since the first day, Surf Excel has not brought any change in their logo design except they have changed the color schemes in different countries to make it more localized. For example, for the campaign in Pakistan, they have changed the color in green where for Indian market they have introduced more colorful logo design. But these changed was temporary and specific to the events took places in these countries.

The official logo design for Surf Excel is same as it was first launched in 1996. There are some 3D versions of Surf Excel logo designs too but they haven’t been introduced by the company but the logo designs online. The official colors used in Surf Excel logo design are blue, orange or shades of pink and purple.

This is a great logo design to get inspiration as Surf Excel has changed the trend of logo designs. It is not necessary that the logo design of a washing powder is serious, it could be fun too like “Surf Excel logo design”.

Following you can download Surf Excel below for free. I have included PNG format and vector format for you can edit the logo design easily to turn this logo design into your logo design.

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Surf Excel Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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