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Rolex is among those popular wristwatches brands which are popular world wide. This is what makes Rolex products expensive as compare to its competitor companies in the market. While Rolex required new wristwatches designs to attract the customers but having an attractive Rolex logo design is the requirement of the company because its become the part of their product.

Rolex started its business in 1905 but they had their first official Rolex logo design in 1908. This logo design is not just contain an illustration and text but also has a lengthy slogan which was removed in 1965 when company redesigned their logos design. The second Rolex logo design was not much different than the first one in term of illustration. Although the font in second Rolex logo design was bit changed which changed the whole logo design.

In 2002, the company redesigned their logo design once again in which they have changed the color scheme of their whole logo design to match with the latest trend but these colors was not much different than their current logo design’s color scheme. You can download the current Rolex logo design with transparent background in PNG format below which also includes the Rolex logo design font for free.

Rolex Logo vector Transparent Image

Rolex Watch logo png free

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Rolex Logo

Rolex_logo download png free

Rolex Logo PNG White

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Rolex Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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