National Geographic Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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The logo design of National Geographic is simple unique and can be recognize easily. They are using the same logo design for all of their different products including television, magazine and National Geographic society etc. While the focus of company is on different natural living things like animals plants, but they did not added any of these things in their logo design and keep it simple.

The company National Geographic has been started in 1983 (the year could be different) with its basic logo design. This logo design is still the part of their business. They have changed the slogan of their business many times with the passage of time but did not edit anything from their logo design.

The logo design National Geographic contains a simple yellow color box with no additional graphics. The font of National Geographic logo design is also very basic. The company has proved by not changing the logo design that you do not have to come up with new logo design if the people already recognize your business through your previous logo design.

You can download the original logo design of National Geographic below with transparent background and vector file including PNG. This logo can be used for ideas and inspiration while designing a logo design for a related company.

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National Geographic Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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