Mashable Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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Mashable was founded in year 2005 and it is currently known as one of the most popular blog to read technology related news and interesting articles. The logo of Mashable is very simple. There is no graphics, symbol or usage of icon has been founded there. I remember that once Mashable run an online contest for their logo design on 99design website but did not used the winning design as their corporate design. Don’t know about their policy.

The first logo design of Mashable was designed in year 2005 on its launch in which the company has used don’t called Myriad. Mashable has updated the design of their website many times but they have changed their logo design in 2013 in which they have changed the font from Myriad to Proxima Nova. While there isn’t anything interesting about Mashable logo design except nice shade of blue and simple usage of font but still their logo design can be used an inspiration for those who are looking for text based logo design.

You can download original logo of Mashable below with transparent background in PNG or create your own simply by using the font which I have mentioned above.

Mashable Logo PNG Download

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Mashable Logo PNG Transparent

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Mashable Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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