15+ Affordable Logo Designs for Home & Building


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There is a wrong consumption in this world that a product which cost low and cheap comes up with bad quality, where this presumption is wrong. Due to high competition and availability of products, the companies come up with the strategy to reduce the prices of their products to generate high sales, that’s why there is a concept of sales and people love it. Just like any type of business, logo designing in known for its quality work. Logo designers charge high prices because a logo design increases the worth of business and its goodwill.

15+ Affordable Logo Designs for Home & Building

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Graphic designers required time to design a professional and unique logo design. But some companies can’t wait due to deadline and some other reasons. For them, it is best to “purchase readymade logo designs” to save time and cost. You may compromise a bit with the design of logo design when it’s come to purchase readymade and affordable logo designs but at the same time, your company save lot of money and you get a perfect logo design in no time.

Due to the number of benefits which are linked with “readymade logo designs”, today I am sharing the best collection of affordable logo designs. Calling them cheap logo design would not be wrong because they are available in very low costs with high quality of design. This logo design come up with 100% editing option. So, you can edit them, change color schemes and type of font as per your desire and business requirements.

Each of following home and building logo designs are different from each other, so no need to be worried about the uniqueness of the logo design. You can also ask the logo design to edit the logo design as per your business or product requirements.

15+ Best Logo Designs for Home & Building Affordable Prices

1# Home Build Logo

Price : 31$


2#House Cleaning – Logo Template

Price : 29$


3#Line City Logo

Price : 32$


4#Real Estate Logo

Price : 29$


5#Creative Real Estate Logo Design

Price : 39$


6#Real Estate Logo – Realty Group

Price : 29$



7#Building Logo Design

Price : 30$


8# Smart Real Estate Logo Design

Price : 29$



9# Creative Lighthouse Logo

Price : 29$


10# Best Construction Logo

Price : 29$


11# Best Clean House Logo

Price : 29$


12# Creative Property Check Logo

Price : 30$


13#Creative Business & Consulting Logo

Price : 29$


14#Residence Logo

Price : 30$


15#House Point Logo

Price : 29$


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15+ Affordable Logo Designs for Home & Building

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