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Getting a perfect and creative logo design for restaurant is not easy because there is not much you can do in a restaurant logo design. Maximum you can include different restaurant and food related illustration in your logo design for restaurant but this is not enough anymore due to high competition among restaurant. The concept you have in your mind for a perfect restaurant logo design would be already created by someone or it would be too flat to use as brand mark for restaurant. So what is the solution? To make your life easy, today I am sharing the latest collection of restaurant logo design. This logo design for restaurant collection is not free to download but it is available in extremely affordable prices.

Once you’re purchased logo design for restaurant through our new collection, then you are free to download it in different versions free of cost which includes AI, EPS, PNG and PSD formats. Although the following affordable creative logo design for restaurant collection is 100% editable which means that you can not only change the font of the logo design as per your required brand requirements but also change the color scheme of whole logo or just a specific part of the logo design.

The following collection of affordable logo design for restaurant has different 26 templates for logo designs which are different from each other in term of colors, font, design, concept and creativity. Each logo design for restaurant has their own uniqueness where this collection of free logo design also includes the restaurant logo designs on the bases of different cuisines around the world which includes Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, American, European, Middle Easter and South Asian etc.

1# Cook Logo – Cook Best Cooking

A decent logo design for restaurant with eye catching chef illustration holding food in one hand. This logo design can be used for verity of food related businesses including online and offline food business. This logo design is available in different colors including option to change colors.


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2# Cook Time Logo

This logo design recognized the illustration of above logo design except this logo design has more prominent illustration of chef in logo design. Also, this logo design for restaurant is available with and without mustache. So, download what fit with your restaurant and food business.


3# Mr. Cook Restaurant Logo

Not very attractive logo design for restaurant because the eyes of chef are closed or at least he is sleeping in the illustration but this logo can be used with little modification to any restaurant. Available in different colors and transparent background. Download in EPS, AI, PSD and PNG versions.



4# Mexican Restaurant Logo

A Mexican restaurant logo design could not be complete without their traditional Mexican hat. The following logo design for restaurant has been designed for Mexican restaurant. It has hat and also the touch of their spicy food. While the font of this logo design is perfect but it comes with 100% to edit.



5#Cloud Food Logo

Online food business concept is not new anymore. There are thousands of startups working to deliver best through technology. The following restaurant is designed for e-restaurant and businesses that take online orders and deliver to their customers. Download in different colors and formats.

Cloud Food Logo download


6# Foodie Restaurant Logo

The following logo design for restaurant is a perfect example of a logo design which fits with online and offline printing and branding purpose. It is 100% vector, easily editable and comes with free fonts to use in logo design. Also available to download in EPS version.

Foodie Restaurant Logo download


7# Chef Mascot – Character Logo

This chef mascot is a perfect illustration to use in a restaurant logo design. This logo design comes up with very attractive font to use. Download this creative logo design for restaurant in different formats and colors for free.

Chef Mascot - Character Logo download


8#Food Cycle Logo

The following logo design is designed for luxury hotels who offer 3 courses to five course of food to their customers. This logo design is not just simple but also very attractive in term to use for multiple purposes including online and offline printing purposes.



9#Home Cafe Logo

While the logo design name is Home cafe but illustration of home including fork and spoon make is a perfect logo design to use it beyond just cafe business. From ice cream parlor to five start restaurant, the following logo design can be the trade mark of any food business, cafe and restaurant.



10# Chocweet Logo Template

This cure little illustration logo design is beyond regular restaurant logo designs. More likes to use for cookies, chocolate, ice-cream, cafe and food carts logo design. This logo design is available in different colors while it is 100% editable which means you can change colors, font and illustration easily.



11# Resto Combo Logo Template



12# Food In Love Logo

Two hearts and two color logo design with the illustration of fork can be use trademark of healthy food business. Healthy food restaurant usually represent their business with vegetables and fruits illustration but this new logo design with the illustration of heart can replace with typical healthy restaurant logo designs.



13# Happy Cook Logo

Happy cook logo design is a simple restaurant logo design with smiley illustration and chef cap. This logo design can be used for many purposes including online food blogs, journals, front of cook books and also online offline food business. Download in AI and EPS formats with free font.



14# Food Community Logo

If you are looking for a simple logo design for restaurant, then do download this affordable and cheap logo design right now. Available in different colors with attractive font and heart shape illustration which has an illustration of fork. This logo design is 100% editable and available in different formats.



15# Cooking Clip Logo

Cooking clip logo design is a perfect logo design to use for travel and food related blogs, website, restaurant and food businesses etc. It is a line based logo design which can be easily used for printing and online branding purposes. Available in different colors where you can edit color scheme as per your requirements.



16# Mr.Chef Logo Template

Having a logo design with icon is the requirement of today’s business branding and marketing because if you have an iconic logo design then you can use it for mobile application and online marketing purpose. The following logo design is a perfect example of an icon based logo design for restaurant. The illustration of chef along with the use of attractive colors make the following logo design a perfect example to use in food business



17# Food King Logo Download

Instead of a physical restaurant, the following logo design is designed for online or virtual food business. The concept of making order of your food online is being going viral all around the world so having a logo design which fit with your all marketing purposes is necessary. The following logo design is simple but creative to use in a restaurant business. This is a 100% editable logo design come with free fonts.



18# Food Geek Logo

The following funky and creative restaurant logo design could be a perfect choice for upcoming new restaurants who decided to offer something different to the world. While the color scheme of this logo design is perfect, but still this logo design is 100% editable. You can change the illustration logo design along with color schemes and font. Download in AI, EPS and PSD formats for free.



19# Chef Location Logo Download

What a perfect logo design to keep telling your customers about your location? While this logo design is designed for restaurant but if you are planning to come up with an mobile application with the data of local restaurants and other food chains, then the following logo design is a perfect logo design to use specially for mobile application and websites.



20# Chilli Food Logo Template

A food is not tasty without chili, how about to come up with a logo design which has illustration of chili in it? This logo design will surly attract the people to come visit your restaurant at least once to taste the food. The color combination of this logo design is perfect to use.



21# Cooking Competition Logo

Do your restaurant is famous for spicy and hot food? If so, then this logo design for restaurant is a best choice to use right now to represent your food business. Its illustration is quite simple but enough creative to deliver the message of spicy and hot food to your target audience.



22# Creative Restaurant Logo Download

A simple but creative logo design for restaurant with the illustration of fork and spoon. This logo design would also suit for printing purposes on plates and other equipment of the restaurant. The colors scheme of this logo design can edit including the font size and type.



23# Food & Restaurant Business Logo

While the most of logo design of this collection has illustration of chef with mustache but this one is specifically designed for a chef with big mustache. Usually the restaurants in North America have the concept of mustache of chef. So use this logo design to represent the food of North.



24# Restaurant and Food Logo

This is one of my favorite logo design for restaurant due to the color combination. The red and orange of this logo design gives the feeling of spicy food where the hat of chef makes it a perfect logo design for restaurant. You can download this logo in PSD, PNG, AI and EPD formats.



25# Food Time Logo

The following logo design for restaurant is a great example and choice for those restaurants which has specific time for food serving. Usually food trucks and food cart use such type of logo designs for their food business but you can use it for your restaurant if you work for specific hour of the day



26#Mr Food Logo Mascot

This is a custom food logo mascot, which means that you can edit the illustration of chef as per your required wish. You can edit all the features of face to match it with the face of real chef of your restaurant. Editing this logo can be done in any basic graphic designing software



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26+ Affordable Creative Logo Design For Restaurant

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