Line Messenger Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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There are dozens of messaging apps available for Smartphone, but there are few which are popular and one of them is Line. In the start, Line may not get very popularity but with the introduction of so many features, video and voice quality, Line becomes a rising star within a month. To keep their brand same as they were at the time of their application launch, they have not changed their logo design a lot. If you look at their first logo design and compare it with the latest one, you will found that the Line Messenger Logo design is almost same except there is an improvement in font and colors shades.

Line Messenger Logo was first launched on the same day when the company has launched their mobile application in the year 2001. They keep the same logo design till 2013 until they have launched the advanced features like video calling for their users. They have removed the shade of light green from their logo design and keep the rest of logo design same as their first logo design.

The third Line Messenger Logo design was launched in 2016. This was better than the previous updates. They have removed the shade of light green color completely and also make the font more professional by straightening each and every character in their logo design. As compare to their previous design, they have also darker the green color in their present logo design.

Line Messenger Logo design is a good example of creativity. If you are designing the logo design of similar application then you can use their logo design to get inspiration and some ideas. Following we are providing you the original Line Messenger Logo PNG Transparent Background file for free. You can download it, change it and comes up with your own unique logo design.

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Line Messenger Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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