Java Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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The logo design of Java is one of those which I have seen while growing. This unique logo design has been launched in 1996 when Java language was officially launched. Many people don’t know but Java is the slang word which has been used for the coffee, that’s why there is the cup of coffee in the Java’s logo design.

From the first logo design, there has not been much changes in the logo design of Java. The concept of coffee is still there with bit changing where the company has changed the color of logo design but has the same shades. The first logo design of Java has the dark red and blue color which resembles purple and maroon.

The second logo design of Java has been launched in 2003 and still the company is using the same logo design. In this logo design, they have enhanced the cup of coffee with smoke where also changed the font of the logo design with light red and blue color.

We do not see much verity of designs in the logo designs of computer languages like CSS, HTML and PHP but you have to agree with me that the logo design of Java is unique from all other language logo designs.

If you are looking for some inspiration to design a logo design for IT Company, then logo design of Java can be used to get some ideas. Following I am sharing the original logo design of Java with transparent background, vector and PNG format. You can download it free:

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Java Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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