IKEA Logo (شعار شركة ايكيا) PNG Transparent Background Download

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IKEA is a world recognized retailer who is now operating in many countries. But do you know that their logo design was not same as its look like today? Yes, their first logo designed was published in 1951 which was very different from their current logo design. It was more likely a stamp based logo design with red color and two different fonts. IKEA has later introduced their new logo design within few month in which they have used a totally new font for their business name along with different color. IKEA has used the same font in their logo designs till 1962.

In 1967, the company has removed other texts from their logo design and keeps it very simple. Their current logo design is almost based on this logo design except change in color scheme which has been changed from black to red and then blue and yellow.

IKEA tried to keep their logo design same in every country except in Middle East where they have used Arabic of their business name in simple Arabic font. But there isn’t any change in color scheme.

While the logo design of IKEA is very simple but still it can be used to get inspiration when you are designing a logo design for your own business or one of your client related to retail business. You can download the vector file of IKEA design in PNG format with transparent background below:

IKEA Logo (شعار شركة ايكيا) PNG Transparent Background Download

IKEA logo png download

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شعار شركة ايكيا IKEA logo png ikea English and Arabic logo png IKEA company logo


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IKEA Logo (شعار شركة ايكيا) PNG Transparent Background Download

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