26+ Top Famous Soft Drinks Logos for Inspiration


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Does not matter that at what part of the world you live in, you must have at least one of your favorite soft drink in your list. How did you recognize a soft drink without drinking it?

I am sure that with its logo design. Just like any other product and business, having a creative logo design for soft drink is important. This gives idea to the customer to recognize the right and their favorite soft drink. Because by color, most of soft drink are same and you cannot recognize most of them even after tasting them.

Famous Soft Drinks Logos

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The world popular soft drinks like Pepsi cola and Coca cola is not just same in color but also in the taste too. Recognizing them is impossible without seeing them in their bottle with their logo designs. This shows the importance of a logo design even for the drinks like soda.

Today, we bring the world biggest collection of “top famous soft drinks logos” for inspiration. Our logo design collection of soft drinks is not limited to cola or other famous brands only but also different local brands which are famous in their own countries. Specially, when it’s come to soft drinks, there are hundreds of them in America, UK, Canada, China, Japan, Australia and Germany. Each and every national and international soft drink has totally different logo design from each other. Even the soft drinks of same company have different logo design which has been based on the color and taste of it.

Usually the world popular soft drink brands have font based logo design or logo design with very little touch of soda and cool. But if you look at the energy soft drinks logo design, you will notice some type of character in it which represents the energy factor. These graphics could be anything from fast running bull and horse to energy symbol etc.

There are different types of soft drinks all around the world. They are usually categorized according to the taste and ingredients. For example are cola which is usually black color soft drink and then there are energy drinks which are different in colors but usually in red color. The soda drink that has does have any color usually represent lemon. Due to the different in the nature of each drink, the company cannot use the same logo design for all of them. That’s why the each soft drink has its own logo design, color and even branding strategies. A company cannot use the lemon symbol for its energy drink or a an animal which represent energy on their soda water etc.

If you are designing a logo design for a soft drink or related product, then following collection of famous soft drinks logo design is really good for you to get inspiration and ideas. To give you maximum exposure to each and every logo, we have tried to include the HD or high quality logo design in PNG format. They all are downloadable and vector in nature. But steeling the part of logo design to incorporate in your client’s business in not a good idea. You can only use them to get some inspiration.

If you are stuck at one point and don’t know that from where you should start designing the logo design of a soft drink, then there is no better collection then below which I have shared with you.

If you think that we have missed logo design of any other popular soft drink, then you share its name in the comment section we will include it in our collection so that the other readers can look at them for inspiration.

26+ Top Famous Soft Drinks Logos for Inspiration

1#  Tropicana

2# Twinings

3# Sprite

4# Snapple

5# Red Bull

6#Poland Spring



9# Ovaltine

10# Nescafe

11#Mtn Dew



14# Minute-Maid

15# Milo (Nestle)

16# Lipton

17# Gatorade

18# Folgers

19# Fanta

20# Evian

21# Dr-Pepper

22# Diet Coke


24# Coca Cola



i am sure i missed something. Love to hear from you.

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26+ Top Famous Soft Drinks Logos for Inspiration

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