75+ Top Famous Indian Brands Logos Collection 2018


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India is rich with culture. They do not miss any opportunity to integrate their culture of colors in any aspect of life including business branding, marketing and even the logo design. The “Indian Brands logos designs” could be easily recognized because they are full with life, colors and culture. This trend has inspired many logo designers all around the world. That’s why we see many creative designs and excellent use of colors which matches with the culture of Indian in their logo designs.

Due to the demand of market, now, the trend of logo designs in also being changing in India too. Now, designers in India have also start following the new trend of logo designs which has less colors, objects and graphics. While this new trend of logo design is quite simple but still Indian designers manage to incorporate their colorful style in it.

Whether it is a logo design of a car company or a milk company, the Indian Brands logos designs have some aspect of their culture and religion in it. This is a brilliant ideology to keep the target customer engaged with the brand. That’s why; looking at Indian logo designs can give lot of ideas to the new logo designs who are looking for ideas for inspiration.

Today, many international brands are taking the inspirations from the Indian logo designs while they do not miss any opportunity to incorporate the maximum influence of India and their culture in logo designs and marketing campaign which they launch in India. So, we do not mind to share some of the top and popular Indian logo designs with you. So, that you do not miss any opportunity to come up with unique ideas after getting inspiration from the Indian Brands logos designs.

The following collection of logo designs has been collected from different resources. All of these files are downloadable in PNG and high quality images. You cannot use them without the intention of the owners but use them to get inspiration and design your own logo design.

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In the following logo designs, we have not limit our self with one type of logo design but logo designs from almost all type of industries, brands and products including non-profit organizations.

Top and Best Indian Brands Logos 2018

Zee Logo Design

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YES Bank Logo Design

Adani Logo Design


Air India Logo

Aditya Birla Group Logo


Airtel Logo

Bajaj Logo

Dabur Babool Toothpaste Logo

Axis Bank Logo

Asian Paints Logo

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75+ Top Famous Indian Brands Logos Collection 2018

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