CiCi Pizza Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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CiCi pizza may not be very popular like Pizza Hut and Dominos all around the world due to limited number of their franchise, but in America it is not less than any popular pizza brand. The reason behind its popularity is not only the taste of their products but also the branding and marketing techniques they are using. Without a perfect and professional logo design, a brand could not make its name around the world. When we talk about CiCi Pizza logo design, we can say that the company has done extra effort to come up with a perfect logo design for their business where Cici pizza logo design looks perfect on their pizza box.

The first logo design of CiCi Pizza was designed on its launch in 1985 which stayed in market till 2001. In 2001 the company redesigned their logo design an incorporate the illustration of tomatoes and also includes the tag line of their brand. This logo design did not made for very long in market because the company come up with a new logo design for CiCi’s pizza in 2006 which was totally different from their two previous logo designs. They have introduced a new scheme of colors, font and also enhance the illustration of tomato in very exclusive way.

You can download CiCi pizza logo design below with transparent background in PNG format along with free font.


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CiCi Pizza Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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