Burger King Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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The founder of Burger King has started the business in 1953 but they did not add any logo for the branding of their business as it was not much common to have logo design for the food chains in past there. But really soon, they have launched the first logo design of their company which was very simply. Instead of adding the graphics of burger, they have added a sun. In the same year they have removed the shape of rising sun and keep it simple and font based logo design till 1957.

The second logo design of Burger King has more than 3 colors and the picture of a king who was sitting on the burger and having a cold drink in his left hand. This logo design stayed in market for more than 10 years till 1969. The third logo design of the Burger King was the base of their present logo design; two buns and name of company between them. They keep this logo design till 1999.

In 1999, the company has further enhanced their logo design by adding more color, enhancing the graphics of buns and changing the font. This logo design is also the present logo design of Burger King which they are using all around the world in different languages as well.

The logo design of Burger King is great for those graphic designers who are looking for some ideas and inspiration to design logo design for burger food chain or any restaurant who offer burgers. You can download Burger King Logo design below in vector and PNG format with transparent background.

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Burger King Logo PNG Transparent Background Download

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