80+ Top Famous Canadian Brand Logos for Inspiration 2018


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80+ top famous Canadian brand logos for inspiration 2018 is an awesome collection of logos for any Canadian designer. Looking for “Canadian Brand Logos designs 2018” collection to get some ideas and inspiration to design your next logo design? Here in this post, we are sharing the latest collection of famous Canadian brand logos with you.

80+ top famous Canadian brand logos for inspiration 2018 includes all the “famous logo designs along with less famous logo designs. We have added even non-famous logo design below due to their creativity and uniqueness. In this collection, you can probably find what will work in your project, especially if it has anything to do with local or popular brands in Canada.

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The marketing of a brand cannot be completed without a perfect logo design in it because the people can recognized it easily later when they shop it from the super market. Canadian logo designers know this, that’s why in their logo designs, you can see how well they take care of all the important things in it.

Usually a logo design which have red color and maple leaf symbol, represent the logo design of a Canadian brands but due to diversification of business and business reaches to other countries, now the logo designs of Canadian brands are also being changing with time. To target international market, the logo designers are more focusing on new trend of logo designs which are no more limited to Canadian flag, color and even the country’s symbol etc.

The following collection of Canadian brands logos have verity of designs including 3D logos, web 2.0 logo designs, simple logo designs, text only logo designs and graphics only logo designs etc. Each and every logo design has its own important in term of branding of the product that’s why we have included maximum logo designs in our following.

You can download sports, school, organization, blogs, charity, games and small business logo designs below for free. All images are in high resolution and PNG format. So, download these logo for free and use them to design your own logo design but keep in mind that you cannot steal these logo design as they own by the owners and copyrighted.

List of Canadian logos with names 2018

Agrium Logo Design



Air Canada Logo Design

BMO Logo Design


BARRICK Logo Design


BCE Logo Design


Bell Logo Design Canada

Bombardier Logo Design


Brookfield Logo Design

BRP Logo Design


CAE Logo Design



Canada Life Logo Design

Canadian Natural Logo Design



Canadian Tire Logo Design




Cenovus Energy Logo Design


CGI Logo design


CIBC Logo Design (Banking that fits your life)


Cineplex Logo Design


























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80+ Top Famous Canadian Brand Logos for Inspiration 2018

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