8 Creative Logo Design ideas by Maurizio Pagnozzi


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Maurizio Pagnozzi is a well known Italian graphic designer who is currently living in London but his work does not limits his talent to one or two countries because he has his clients all around the world. What makes him best among all? Well, his creative designs which are not just unique but also express the whole concept of business, website and company for whom he has designed those logos.

He has earned a degree in graphic designing which give him a complete sense to understand the requirement of logo, corporation and website logo and what type of logo will suits the business. He is not just known for his logo designing work but also for web designing, banner and other graphic works for both online and offline clients. His work has been published by many known magazines, websites and graphic display websites.

Many upcoming graphic designers use his logo designs and concept to get idea to create something new, and guess what? They won because of the basics Maurizio Pagnozzi did in his own style and design. Today I am going to share with you, some of the most creative logo design ideas Maurizio Pagnozzi has ever created. Indeed, there are hundreds of them available on his website and you will found more interested as compare to the following list. But everyone has its own choice while I want to share his mixed logo designs so you can use them to create new and get inspired.

The following lists of creative logo design ideas are not in any sequence or selected for a special industry but I am sharing the random design which has corporate touch, fun logos and texts only logos. Make sure you are using these creative logo design ideas to get inspiration and create your own master piece instead of copying or stealing them.


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Name : Maurizio Pagnozzi

See more logo and portfolio :  mauriziopagnozzi

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8 Creative Logo Design ideas by Maurizio Pagnozzi

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