45+ Top & Best Creative Computer Logo Design Ideas for Inspiration 2018

The importance of logos

45+ top & best creative computer logo design ideas for inspiration 2018 will help any graphic designer who is looking for a good place to start. Currently, when aggressive marketing is the key to success, companies tend to pay a lot of attention to the logos that represent their brand. At the end of the day, it is this logo that becomes the face of the company, which enables people to understand which brand is being talked about. The logo becomes synonymous with the brand. It is the logo that tends to leave an impression. Therefore, it is necessary that not only is the logo unique and impressive but is also such that it follows the trend. It has to be different yet bear a resemblance to what people are likely to accept.

45+ top & best creative computer logo design ideas for inspiration 2018 show exactly what we’re talking about. Every now and then, certain trends become popular and appeal to most people. It is these trends that one needs to amalgamate in their logos so as to attain maximum attention from the masses.

45+ top & best creative computer logo design ideas for inspiration 2018 includes a number of interesting entries. Most companies make some changes in their logos with the advent of a new year. While the basic concept remains the same, certain changes are made in its design. Based on the preferences that people displayed in 2015, we are now going to take a look at some of the design ideas that are likely to find a place in the logos in the next year.

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Creative logos to watch out for

Simple names but with a twist

Typography is something that has managed to attain quite a bit of attention in 2018. People have welcomed this form of design with enthusiasm. It has come under the spotlight. Therefore, you can expect this year to be dedicated to typography and unique scripts.

Logos will most likely contain the company’s name but with a twist. It will be inscribed in a unique way. The script would be such that the mere name will look like an exquisite form of art and leave people captivated. A lot of attention is going to be paid to the font used in the logo. A creative approach to the scripts that form part of the logo is likely to be among the biggest trends followed in the year 2018.

Right colour combinations

An innovative approach that is likely to win accolades in the coming year would be to play with colors. Logos with a single color tend to get boring after a certain period and it is harder to give them a twist or change them as per your requirement. The next year is likely to witness an increase in the popularity of multi-colored logos. The color combinations should be such that they will remain in the minds of the people. People might not be able to recall the complete logo but if a particular part of the logo has been colored differently, there are better chances of remembering it.

3D effect

The 3D effect is something to which people have responded in a rather favorable manner. With the usage of low polygons in the design of a logo, one can make sure that the logo pops out, giving it a characteristic 3D effect. This will ensure that people take notice of them and can recall them at a later date.

Spice up a simple design

For the logos that have been following a particular pattern over the years and would simply like a little bit of change, negative spacing just might be the answer that they are looking for. The usage of aesthetics tends to leave people confused. They find it difficult to understand what the logo is saying. Therefore, if you are looking for a slight change in the conventional logo, negative spacing would be a good option.

A combination of two designs

Overlapping is rapidly gaining popularity and it is expected that the popularity is only going to increase in the coming year. Overlapping refers to the use of a combination of two designs. The two designs are such that they complement each other. The ultimate result is rather impressive and intriguing. A minute touch is all that will be required to transform a simple logo into a piece of art with the help of overlapping.


The impression that a certain logo is handmade is always appealing to the eyes and you can only expect the trend to grow. Using calligraphy to make custom logos is a creative approach that is likely to bring accolades. It is considered to be an epitome of innovation and creativity.

Simplicity redefined

People tend to get bored of the attempts to complicate things. They yearn for some simplicity. In such times, a logo that is simple and sophisticated is surely going to win hearts. The simple use of mesh tools and a colorful gradient might give you the results that you are looking for.


People like the idea of vintage and going retro, and this trend is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Therefore, vintage logos are likely to be an appealing part of logo design this year.

The face of a brand

The right logo has the ability to speak volumes. A logo becomes the face of your brand and will remain so for a long period. It is difficult to bring an overhaul to your logo once it has been introduced in the market. You can bring a few changes here and there and a few twists in some places, but the basic concept remains the same. Therefore, it is essential that things are done the right way the first time round.

It will be a good idea to closely follow the artistic trends that are successful in this year to gauge the ones that will gain popularity in the next. This is the approach that is going to bring you success and will let you know which creative computer logo design you ought to watch out for in the coming year.

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